Refer A Case/Request A Consultation

PLEASE NOTE: The Center for Community Standards and Accountability (CSA) does not investigate alleged violations of the University's Sexual Misconduct Policy. To refer or consult on a case under this policy, please contact the University's Office of the AVP of Equity and Title IX Officer.

If you are interested in either referring a case to CSA or requesting a consultation regarding a potential case, please click here and include the following information:

  • Your name, contact information and your relationship to the student(s) (Ex: Professor (Class name), House Dean, etc.);
  • Whether you are referring a case or requesting a consultation. Please note: We will contact you in either situation to talk through the details. If you are referring the case, however, the staff member assigned to the case will be the person to contact you;
  • The student(s)’ name and Penn ID (if known);
  • The date of the incident in question (Ex: date of an assignment, date of an incident, etc.);
  • A description of the incident: what happened, what you know, what you are concerned about. This can include information that you saw or information regarding how the information came to you. Please be as detailed as possible;
  • Attach any documents that are relevant to the case (Ex: student’s paper, a website or article that you believe the student copied from, police reports, other documents, etc.). For Academic Integrity cases, please attach a copy of the syllabus, any additional information about the specific assignment or exam in question, and any additional information you provide students about the academic integrity rules as they apply to your class.

We look forward to receiving your information and will contact you shortly. If you have additional questions, please call the office at 215-898-5651.